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Hair Care Tips Made easy! 


Long lasting color isn’t always easy, when you don’t know exactly what to do and how to accomplish it. 

Here at Caesars Empress we desire to assist you in bringing you back to your royalty roots. 

Use these hair care tips to gain the healthy and glorious mane you desire!

  •  It is typically best to wash your hair less, and when wash day arrives use lukewarm water to wash your luxurious mane and cold water to rinse out the conditioner
  • We always recommend using hair products that are color safe or sulfate free to keep your hair from stripping (don’t forget to check out our line of products to assist with this) 
  • Getting your luxurious mane professionally dyed is crucial, to not only lasting longer but protecting your hair. Master beauticians like those at Caesar’s Empress and other hair stylist knows exactly  what they’re  doing. We, will use hair color that is not only professional but that will give you the proper conditioning methods to your hair.
  • Do your best to limit the amount of heat applied to your mane as this will also fade your hair color much faster.
  • When we have a permanent or temporary hair color it is also best to limit pools and oceans the chlorine and salt doesn’t do it any justice as the color will strip away quickly.
  • If you want to revive your hair color at home one of the greatest tips we can give is to add color to your conditioner.

Caesar’s Empress looks forward to providing you with ways to maintain your luxurious mane as you discover your royalty again.

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